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New Hampshire Truck Driving Championship – June 1

By NHMTA News | February 24, 2024

The 2024 New Hampshire Truck Driving Championship happens on June 1 in Pembroke. Support our drivers as a sponsor or volunteer!

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NHMTA Workers’ Compensation Program to pay $800,000 in dividends

By NHMTA News | February 15, 2024

For the second consecutive year, $800,000 in dividends will be paid to participants of the NHMTA Self Insured Group for Workers’ Comp.

NHMTA 2023 Safety Award Winner

Sgt. Scott Atherton earns NHMTA Safety Award

By NHMTA News | December 1, 2023

Sgt. Scott Atherton from the New Hampshire State Police was recognized for providing outstanding service to the members and staff of NHMTA.

NHMTA Workers’ Comp Program Lowers Rates

By NHMTA News | November 19, 2023

Businesses participating in NHMTA’s Self-Insured Group for workers’ compensation coverage will see, on average, a 3.7% decrease in rates.

2024 Winter Conference Miami Beach

NHMTA Winter Conference in Miami

By NHMTA News | October 19, 2023

The 2024 NHMTA Winter Conference will be held Feb. 25 – 28 at the Marriott Stanton South Beach in Miami Beach.

NHMTA members discuss benefits of Workers’ Compensation Program

By NHMTA News | June 15, 2023

Three SIG members recently sat down with NHMTA to talk about the value they get from being in the SIG. You can view that video below.

Human Trafficking Hotline

Help stop human trafficking

By NHMTA News | June 1, 2023

The FMCSA launched its new human trafficking awareness campaign, Your Roads, Their Freedom, this week.

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NHMTA Workers’ Compensation program to pay $800,000 in dividends

By NHMTA News | February 16, 2023

The NHMTA’s Self Insured Group met last week, and voted to approve the disbursement of $800,000 in dividend payments to participants.

Benefits of exercising for the professional driver

By MaryGrace Johansen | June 10, 2020

I know you’re thinking, exercise…who has time for exercise! There may not be much time for traditional exercising, but you can find time to stretch throughout the day.

You need a Safety Committee

By MaryGrace Johansen | June 9, 2020

If you have 15 or more employees, the NH Department of Labor requires you to establish a Safety Committee.

Selecting a Certified Master Truck Driver

By MaryGrace Johansen | June 8, 2020

NHMTA’s Certified Master Truck Driver program is a prestigious program that recognizes the career driver who is a master of his craft.

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