NHMTA Workers’ Comp Program Lowers Rates

Businesses participating in NHMTA’s Self-Insured Group (SIG) for workers’ compensation coverage will see, on average, a 3.7% decrease in rates in 2024.

The Board of Trustees met on Nov. 16, and after analyzing various suggestions from our actuarial firm, voted for the rate cuts. This action will mean that workers’ compensation rates have been cumulatively cut by 45% over the last six plan years for members of the NHMTA SIG.

The NHMTA SIG has a history of providing great service and cost-saving measures for its participants. The SIG has paid dividends directly back to qualified participants in 26 out of the last 27 years and has paid more than $19 million in dividends since the program’s inception. Some SIG members recently sat down with NHMTA to talk about their positive experiences with the program.

The NHMTA workers’ comp SIG is administered in-house. We have claims adjusters, a safety expert, a nurse case manager, and a director of workers’ compensation and managed care, all working for members out of the NHMTA office! Because of that, members and their employees receive the prompt care and attention they deserve.

The NHMTA workers’ comp SIG is open to qualified NHMTA members. If you have any questions or are interested in potentially joining the program, call us at (603) 224-7337.