About the NHMTA

New Hampshire Motor Transport Association is a non-profit trade association representing truck owners and operators. As a member, you are kept aware of all Federal and State Regulations affecting truck owners and operators via our monthly newsletter and mailings.

Mission Statement

NHMTA’s objectives shall be to: promote a motor transport system that will serve the citizens of New Hampshire reliably, efficiently, safely, and economically; serve as an advocate for motor transport before federal, state and municipal government bodies; communicate the mission of motor transport to the general public through media and personal appearances; foster the principles of the Association through the promotion of its services that may enhance the operation of its participating members; encourage cooperation, courtesy, and safety among highway users; encourage construction and maintenance of safe and adequate highways; provide insurance programs for the benefit of the members, their employees and their dependents; continue to identify and implement new programs and services that are beneficial to the Association and its members and to do all the things incidental and necessary for said objectives within the provisions of the law.

Full-Time Staff

To contact a member of the NHMTA full time staff, you can send an email.

Staff MemberRolePhone
Joe SculleyNHMTA President(603) 224-7337
Robert J. SculleyOfficial Spokesperson Governmental Affairs(603) 224-7337
Wendy Skillings, AICDirector of Managed Care & Workers' Compensation Programs(603) 415-8327
MaryGrace JohansenDirector of Safety & Loss Control(603) 415-8402
Jennifer CharretteFull Charge Bookkeeper(603) 415-8315
Julia DumaisClaims Assistant(603) 415-8326
Zoe SzokOffice Administrator & Events Coordinator(603) 415-8311
Christine MarireaLicensed Claims Adjuster(603) 415-8317
Betty Fulham, CPCU, AIC, BSBALicensed Claims Adjuster(603) 415-8404
Dorothy BryantBenefits Administrator(603) 415-8313
Lorretta Sikoski, RNNurse Case Manager(603) 415-8320

Board of Directors

NAMECOMPANYPositionTerm Expires
Tim MyhaverRyder Transportation ServicesChairmanDec. 31, 2024
Jonathan BartlettEagle WarehousingVice ChairmanDec. 31, 2024
Bruce LyskawaButler's Bus ServiceTreasurerDec. 31, 2024
Carmine Sarno, Jr. M&S LogisticsSecretaryDec. 31, 2024
Kate KilloryFed ExPast ChairmanDec. 31, 2024
Joseph SculleyNHMTAPresident
Brian LawLaw LogisticsMemberDec. 31, 2024
Brian LewisNH DistributorsMemberDec. 31, 2024
Tom PrescottJohny Prescott & Son OilMemberDec. 31, 2024
Donald HemenwayEvans Group, Inc.MemberDec. 31, 2024
Robert WieczorekWieczorek InsuranceMemberDec. 31, 2024
John PlumerWalmart TransportationMemberDec. 31, 2024
Bill WalshWalsh Management CoMemberDec. 31, 2025
David RichardD.F. RichardMemberDec. 31, 2025
Joseph DePalma, Jr.Meadow LeasingMemberDec. 31, 2025
Martin McLaughlinMcLaughlin Transportation SystemsMemberDec. 31, 2026
Mark GiuffreUPSMemberDec. 31, 2026
Barry NormandeauNormandeau TruckingMemberDec. 31, 2026

Membership Services Overview

Fleet & Cargo Insurance Program

NHMTA has joined with Acadia Insurance Company to offer a cargo and fleet insurance program which includes competitive rates, dividends, one-hour claim service and more. Qualified members may also join the NH Motor Transportation Safety Group and potentially earn back dividends.

Legislative Support

You are well-represented in the New Hampshire Legislature. Robert J. Sculley is a registered lobbyist for the NHMTA. The success rate of the association’s lobbying efforts has established the NHMTA as one of the most effective trade associations on record.

Heavy Truck Driver Apprenticeship Program

NHMTA has crafted (with the help of the US DOL) a set of skills (both driving and communication) that allows employers to gauge a driver’s ability to meet/exceed to train the driver to be a valuable asset to the motor carrier.

Forms and Supplies

All the forms and supplies required by State and Federal governments for the transportation industry are available through the NHMTA office. We buy our materials in bulk to offer you the lowest prices in the state.

Newsletter and Email Blast

A monthly newsletter and weekly email containing industry updates, regulation changes and information that is pertinent to your business.

Other Member Services are available for additional fees.

Workers’ Compensation

The association has established a self-funded workers’ compensation program. The program allows our members to control their workers’ compensation costs better. If you are on the residual market and are assessed the 10 percent surcharge, you can enter our program at voluntary rates if you qualify.

Education Services

Throughout the year, seminars on safety, forklifts, air brakes, HAZMAT, drug & alcohol testing, and more are scheduled so you can learn firsthand from the experts in these areas.

Drug & Alcohol Testing Program

The NHMTA has a comprehensive drug & alcohol random testing program that meets all Federal and State requirements. You must be a member of NHMTA to join the program.


NHMTA will assist with compliance requirements, including Clearinghouse C/TPA services(for members of the NHMTA Drug and Alcohol Program).

Household Goods Tariff

Household goods movers who belong to the association may participate in the tariff that the NHMTA has filed with the Bureau of Common Carriers.

Dental Program

The NHMTA has a fully insured product with Northeast Delta Dental. Members receive a substantial discount on premiums instead of going to Northeast Delta Dental directly. No minimum employee participation is required.

Vision Program

The NHMTA has a fully insured product called DeltaVision. No minimum employee participation is required.

NHMTA History

On March 10, 1931, NHMTA was established.

The first minutes were recorded; the constitution and by-laws were drafted of what was then called the New Hampshire Truck Owners’ Association.

The object of the association has changed very little in the past 70 years, attesting to the wisdom of the founding members.

The association's headquarters in 1931 were in the Eagle Hotel in Concord, directly across Main Street from the capitol building. Secretary of the association was Robert E. Thomas, who also was secretary-treasurer of the Automobile Dealers Association in the legislature in 1931 and would continue to do so for many years.

The first annual meeting of the association was held on October 7, 1931, at the Rice-Varick Hotel in Manchester, followed by a board meeting where the following officers were elected for 1931-32.

  • Harry E. Ingham, President
  • Arthur J. Boutwell, Vice President
  • Harold L. Barnard, Treasurer, and
  • Robert E. Thomas, Secretary-Manager

From notes discovered, there were meetings earlier than 1931 and perhaps even in 1930 as officers had been elected. Minutes from these meetings have not been found.

NHMTA was born in the depths of the Great Depression. The trucking industry had proven itself during World War I, and the years following. Trucks were beginning to run between cities rather than only locally for the railroads. The rails were becoming understandably upset with their new competition and began to flex their muscles, especially in the legislature, where they had plenty of friends. Competition between the young trucking companies was also fierce, with rate-cutting rampant.

There were no tariffs, as we know them and no system of classification. The carriers charged what the traffic would bear, usually patterned after – and just under – rail rates. The highway system was woefully inadequate for intercity travel, and in Northern New Hampshire was usually closed to truck traffic in the winter and spring.

To join together to solve some of the problems facing them a few farsighted individuals met one day in 1931 to solve some of the problems facing them. A constitution and by-laws were adopted, which gave the association the following objectives.

  • To promote and maintain an organization of all persons and firms who own and operate motor trucks.
  • To cooperate in securing rational legislation for the advancement, promotion and protection of the interests of the motor truck industry, to protect owners and users of motor trucks against unjust or unreasonable legislation and to secure the enactment of proper ordinances and regulations governing the use of motor trucks.
  • To promote and encourage the construction of good roads and maintenance of the same and to encourage the development of a spirit of cooperation and courtesy among users of the highways.

There were 12 directors elected at that first annual meeting.

  • Louis Vogel – Vogel & Hadley, Manchester
  • Albert J. Precourt – Manchester Coal and Oil Co., Manchester
  • Fred N. Putnam – Nashua Gummed and Coated Paper, Nashua
  • Harry Ingham – Law & Ingham Transportation Co., Nashua
  • Arthur J. Boutwell – Boutwell Lumber Company, Concord
  • Harold L. Barnard – Barnard’s Express, Concord
  • Seth E. Rand – S E Rand Transportation Company, Portsmouth
  • George E. Dearborn – Dearborn’s Motor Express, Exeter
  • Herbert L. Capron, Holbrook Grocery Company, Keene
  • Arthur H. Todd – Todd’s Express, Wilton
  • Ed Robie – Logger, Ashland
  • Richard Shelly – Palmer Simpson Company, Laconia

Interestingly, of the 12 members elected to the Board in 1931, six were private carriers. This may indicate the private carriers had just as much interest as the for-hire carriers – then as now – in the legislature and good highways.