Workers’ Compensation

NHMTA Self-Insured Group Trust

Providing necessary coverage at competitive rates.

NHMTA runs a Self-Insured Group (SIG) Trust for workers’ compensation coverage for qualified member companies. The NHMTA SIG is administered in-house by NHMTA staff. It provides exceptional service to members and their employees through safety and loss control services, claims management, and managed care services.

The NHMTA SIG Trust does all this at competitive rates, and has a strong history of paying dividends back to qualifying group members. Since the SIGs inception, $19.8 million in total dividends have been paid back to participating businesses. The SIG has paid dividends in 27 of the last 28 years.

Some of the things that NHMTA staff does to run the SIG effectively include:

  • Personal visits on lost time
  • Attend Department of Labor (DOL) hearings
  • Second Injury Fund investigations
  • Subrogation recoveries
  • Site inspections
  • Hold regular safety and loss control meetings, and many more.

The NHMTA SIG Trust is open to qualified members. Contact NHMTA if you are interested.

Third Party Administration

NH Hospitality Compensation Trust Logo

NHMTA is a licensed Third-Party Administrator (TPA). NHMTA has served as the TPA for another workers’ compensation trust, the New Hampshire Hospitality Compensation Trust (NHHCT), for more than 15 years.

Our attention to detail during claims management, workplace safety, and a deeply discounted network of health providers has successfully reduced claims costs.

Our successful track record and superior service have resulted in cost savings for those in our workers’ compensation programs.

The NHHCT has returned $12 million in dividends to qualifying participants since its inception.