Hours of Service

This class offers a thorough overview of the federal safety regulations related to hours of service, including exemptions.

For more information regarding this seminar, please contact Mary Grace Johansen at (603) 415-8402.

This three-hour seminar will show your drivers, managers and administrative staff how to comply with the DOT hours of service requirements.

This seminar will cover the following topics:

  • The Dec. 2011 Hours of Service (HOS) final rule changes
  • New rest break requirements
  • Off-duty time changes
  • New penalty violations
  • New 34-hour restart limitations
  • On-duty time
  • Short-haul operations
We also focus on the management side of logging hours. We show you how to audit driver logs to spot errors and discrepancies that could put your company at risk for non-compliance with the HOS rule.

Areas covered are:

  • The regulations and their interpretations
  • Driver’s logbooks, time cards, and supporting documents
  • How to audit logs and spot errors
  • 100-air mile radius exception
  • Additional topics of interest