Entry-Level Driver Training for Hazardous Materials

Drivers intending to get a Hazmat Endorsement will need to complete ELDT Theory training before they are permitted to take the relevant knowledge test.

Course fees are subject to change.

  • Members - $99 plus course materials ($23.99 plus shipping)
  • Non-Members - $173 plus course materials ($50 plus shipping)

The training will cover the requirements under 49 CFR 380 Appendix E.

  • Operational HM requirements
  • Reporting HM crashes & releases
  • Tunnels & Railroad Highway grade crossing
  • loading & unloading HM
  • Bulk Packages
  • Operating emergency equipment
  • Engine, Tire check
  • Route planning
  • Hazardous materials safety permits

Students will be required to review the material ahead of class.

After the driver has completed the Hazmat Theory training, NHMTA will enter the driver’s information into the Training Provider registry. The driver can then schedule their knowledge test.