On September 9, 2019, Senator Chuck Morse, New Hampshire Motor Transport Association along with New Hampshire Department of Safety Assistant Commissioner Richard Bailey and Senators Watters and Giuda of the New Hampshire State Legislature recognized and honored two New Hampshire professional commercial motor vehicle drivers with the designation of Master Truck Driver. The ceremony took place in the Executive Council Chamber of the New Hampshire State House where Senator Morse read Governor Sununu’s proclamation starting National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.   

The drivers honored along with their employer were: Jeffrey Lacourse, C & J Bus Lines and Jason Gray, Dragonfly Moving & Storage, d/b/a R J. Crowley Moving and Storage. 

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Master Truck Driver Certification- Pictured; Bob Sculley, Senator Morse, Senator Watters, Senator Giuda, Assistant Commissioner Bailey, Jeffrey Lacourse, C & J Bus Lines and Jason Gray, R J Crowley Moving and Storage.

Photographs by Vera Tucker

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