1/21/2020 ❗️*FREE CLEARINGHOUSE TRAINING SESSION*❗️ To be held February 19, 2020 at the White Mountains Community College in Berlin, NH. This program is free of charge, but space is limited. Call to reserve your spot today! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION 

1/16/2020 – TRUCKERS AGAINST TRAFFICKING (TAT) would like to hear your story. If you have a case you’d be willing to share with (TAT) you could be in the running for their prestigious 2020 HARRIET TUBMAN AWARD! As you see the award comes with a cash prize, tickets to the Indy 500, etc. Tell them your story! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

1/14/2020 – PRESS RELEASE: Traffic Stop Results in Multiple Drivers and Commercial Motor Vehicles Being Placed Out of Service After Roadside Inspections. CLICK HERE to read full release. 

1/10/2020 – *CLEARINGHOUSE UPDATE* –  You can now view a recorded webinar on the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse by visiting the following link:

FMCSA Opens Registration for Commercial Driver’s License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse- Click Here 

Briefing on Commercial Sexual Exploitation Truckers Against Trafficking – Busing on the Lookout

Click here for an informational Video – Make the Call, Save Lives.

Click here for more information, programs and how YOU can help. 

Click here for an informative Video 

Click here for more program information- Buses on the Lookout



NHMTA Mission Statement

NHMTA’s objectives shall be to: promote a motor transport system which will serve the citizens of New Hampshire reliably, efficiently, safely, and economically; serve as an advocate for motor transport before federal, state and municipal government bodies; communicate the mission of motor transport to the general public through media and personal appearances; foster the principles of the Association through promotion of its services that may enhance the operation of its participating members; encourage cooperation, courtesy, and safety among highway users; encourage construction and maintenance of safe and adequate highways; provide insurance programs for the benefit of the members, their employees and their dependents; continue to identify and implement new programs and services that are beneficial to the Association and its members and to do all the things incidental and necessary for said objectives within the provisions of the law.         

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